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The Anoat sector was a subsector of the Greater Javin in the Outer Rim Territories. It contained the worlds of the Ison Corridor and a majority of the Ivax Nebula. It bordered Yarith sector closely so that both sectors could be monitored with little trouble, and were jointly called the "Twin Nebulae Sectors". The Ring was a nebulosity also located in Anoat sector.

The sector capital was Gerrenthum, at the intersection of the Corellian Trade Spine, the Lutrillian Cross, and the Nothoiin Corridor. The systems of the Ison Corridor included Varonat, Bespin, Anoat, Hoth, and Ison. Major worlds outside the Ison Corridor included Bendeluum, Nothoiin, Mexeluine, and Kirtarkin. Other worlds within the sector, mostly concentrated around the Ivax Nebula included Ione, Burnin Konn, Allyuen, Tokmia, Isis, Mataou, Ertegas, Ozu, Bavva, Gentes, Doaskin, Council, Darlyn Boda, Zhanox, Polmanar and Mijos.


Following the Battle of Endor, the Anoat sector was among the first sectors to throw off the Empire.[4]


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