"Anobis? This place is the back end of nowhere."
Han Solo[3]

Anobis was a terrestrial planet located into the Anobis system of the Bright Jewel sector in the Mid Rim Territories. It was located near Ord Mantell and was primarily known as an agriworld and a mining colony, providing major foodstuffs to the nearby and more distant star systems.


Anobis was an agricultural and mining colony world, never heavily populated save for sparse collections of colonists in rural mining and farming villages.[2] Relatively obscure, the world was war-torn, with populated regions bearing numerous scars and craters due to its long history of civil war.[2]

The planet possessed trees with dense branches and blue-silver leaves, some with smooth metallic trunks, and others blistered with scaly orange-red bark.[2] In addition to the carnivorous Knaar that roamed the planet, Anobis also had small flying creatures, resembling a cross between a bird and a moth.[2]

During its civil war, much of Anobis' terrain was rigged with traps as the colonists waged war on each other.[2] The forests were rigged with holographically disguised pit traps filled with durasteel spikes, near invisible monofilament wire traps set between trees, motion activated autoturrets, concealed land mines, and disguised pressure plates hooked up to simple branch and root traps.[2] The fields and plains of Anobis were riddled with burrowing detonators, numbering in the hundreds for a single field,[2] while the mountain mines were trapped with motion and sound sensitive sonic detonators.[2]

Weapons were in high demand on Anobis, and Smugglers and gunrunners alike traded with Anobis heavily, supplying blasters, burrowing detonators, sonic grenades, and more to the embattled planet.[2] The nearby Ord Mantell benefited especially, establishing a lucrative arms running operation.


Colonized by Human settlers sometime after 3000 BBY and before the Ruusan Reformation of the Galactic Republic, the colonists set up mining and agricultural operations in different regions across the world, with two distinct communities forming as a result.[2]

Initially self-sustaining, the farming and mining communities initially co-existed by trading with each other.[2] However, by the rise of the Empire, the miners depended heavily on trade with the larger galaxy in order to survive, trading valuable ore and crystals with off world traders - primarily the Empire - whenever possible.[2] The farmers in the lowland plains, however, were largely self-sufficient, and largely supported the Rebel Alliance and their bid to overthrow Imperial rule. The schism that ensued sparked an intense civil war.[2] During the conflict, weapons were smuggled to Anobis from neighboring Ord Mantell.[4][5]

The civil war raged past the dissolution of the Empire and the formation of the New Republic, for a period of about twenty five years until 24 ABY when Captain Han Solo met with the leaders of both groups and coordinated a tentative cease-fire.[2]



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