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"The beginning of their end. Destroy it."
General Armitage Hux orders the destruction of the Anodyne[src]

The Anodyne was a modified Nebulon-C escort frigate that served in the New Republic Defense Fleet and later the Resistance navy during its conflict with the First Order. Originally decommisioned by the New Republic, the Anodyne was transferred to a Resistance-friendly salvage yard for repairing. It later served as a medical frigate for the Resistance. During the evacuation of D'Qar, the Anodyne was placed under the command of Vice Admiral Resdox.[2] It was destroyed by the Supremacy when it ran out of fuel and entered into its range. The crew, with the exception of the captain, evacuated the doomed craft via U-55 loadlifters and escaped to the Raddus, while the captain remained behind to die with his ship.[3]

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