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Anomids were a sentient species that were native to Yablari. Because they lacked vocal cords, they communicated with one another through a sophisticated and subtle combination of hand and body language.[3] For the purpose of interacting with other species, they wore concealing vocoder masks that transformed their subvocal harmonics into audible speech. During the Age of the Empire, they were routinely searched for fear that their traditional headgear was disguising wanted fugitives. Silvanie Phest, a female member of the species, was part of an Anomid colony converted to the Disciples of the Whills shortly before the destruction of Jedha City.[1]

Under their distinctive masks, Anomids had wrinkled, bumpy heads with fin-like ears that protruded from the sides of their heads, and two forward-facing eyes with no visible irises.[2]

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Behind the scenes[]

The Anomids originated in the 1989 Star Wars Legends role-playing game book "Riders of the Maelstrom."


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