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Anoth was a planet located in Wild Space. The world was shattered at some point during an unknown cataclysm, but remained largely together due to its gravitational pull.

Geography[edit | edit source]

A remote planet, the world was made up of three massive pieces that were formerly wound into one large mass. Orbiting a common center of mass, two of the fragments were close enough to share a deadly atmosphere rendering it completely inhospitable; when they occasionally scraped together, a static discharge was generated, creating a sensor-masking electrical current that roiled across the surface. The other fragment, father away from the other pieces, had maintained a life-supporting atmosphere and was considered to hold the third orbital position in the system. Orbiting a white dwarf, the world's sky was violet throughout the entire day and night, casting a mysterious glow across the landscape.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Discovered following the Ruusan Reformation of the Galactic Republic, Anoth was a shattered world, broken into three large chunks during an unknown cataclysm in its past. Having once hosted a Human population, the world had a breathable atmosphere, though it was heavily polluted by modern times and its populace non-existent.[5]

Early in the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems fought the Republic on the planet's habitable portion and defeated the galactic government.[6] Falling out of memory and records, Anoth was not located on any star-charts during the Galactic Civil War. Rediscovered in 11 ABY by Luke Skywalker and Admiral Gial Ackbar of the New Republic, they established a fortress fit to protect the youngest child of Han and Leia Solo, Anakin. Stationed there with his protector, Winter, the fortress was eventually discovered by the persistent and sinister Ambassador Furgan who attempted to capture the Force-sensitive boy. Using MT-ATs to scale the mountainous geography near the fortress, Furgan infiltrated the bastion and kidnapped the boy. Furgan did not make it out of the complex before Solo was rescued. The Ambassador would die in his attempted escape from the fortress.[2]

For several years, the fortress was left abandoned, under close scrutiny by the Republic, which monitored any news on Anoth's location. Once assured that it remained unknown to the great galactic population, the fortress was refurbished as a private retreat for the Solo's, who used it during the Almanian Uprising, as a safe house for their children once more.[7]

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