This article is about the New Republic technician. You may be looking for the Verpine technician Anselm Miclyne or the planet Glee Anselm.

Anselm was a male Human engineer in the Alliance Fleet.


Although he had no military experience or combat training, Anselm joined the Alliance Fleet after the Empire ravaged his homeworld prior to the Battle of Yavin, and rose to the rank of Lieutenant due to his technical expertise. At that battle, he served as Luke Skywalker's X-wing technician. He often refused to carry a weapon, even in dangerous circumstances, unless directly ordered to do so. He went on to serve in the New Republic Defense Force. He was the head technician for the team (including Tomrus, Shen, and Kline) that Han Solo and Luke Skywalker brought along to the Katana fleet.[1]

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