The Ansionians, the indigenous species of Ansion, were slender humanoids with pale-yellow skin. Shorter than the average Human, they were hairless save for a single brush of dense fur about fifteen centimeters wide and around seven centimeters tall that ran from their foreheads to the tip of a short tail, which were usually fifteen centimeters long. Although the color varied naturally across the whole spectrum, many Ansonians dyed their manes in a variety of colors and patterns.

They had one nostril, and their hands ended in three long fingers. Although omnivorous, Ansionians ate proportionately more meat than Humans and as such had a mouth full of very sharp, pointed teeth. Their large eyes, usually in some shade of red but occasionally mauve or light yellow, were particularly well suited for seeing in the dark and had small black pupils. Their eyelids closed from the outside towards their nose. They had multiple hearts and their normal body temperature was several degrees higher than that of humans.

Ansionians, which included both urbanites and Alwari nomads, had naturally loud laughs, and always went by only a single name. The Gwurran were a subspecies.



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