Antamont was a nonindustrial, mountainous planet in the Antamont system of the Meridian sector.


Antamont became the site of a stronghold of the Republic during the Clone Wars. In an attempt to take the farming world, the Confederacy of Independent Systems launched an attack on the world using an army of B1 battle droids and B2 grapple droids to smash the Grand Army of the Republic. The most significant event during the battle was the "awakening" experienced by a single B1 droid after it was severely damaged following the detention of a mine. Cut off from the droid control program, the droid was free to activate its self-preservation software and defect from the Separatist Droid Army. One of the Grapple droids followed the rogue droid and attempted to take it back into the army. However, after a brief skirmish, both droids toppled off of a cliff. Damaged and cut off from its control program, the Grapple droid felt fear as it began to shut down. The B1 droid offered its condolences and stood beside the wrecked machine as its cogs slowed to a halt. The lone droid walked up onto a nearby hill and sat under a solitary tree as it ran out of power. The battle that raged on the world diminished, resulting in a Republic victory, and the droid was never recovered by either army.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The planet Antamont was created for the Clone Wars Adventures story Pathways, published in 2007. While originally unnamed, it was first identified in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia and was later given coordinates in The Essential Atlas.




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