The anti-Caarite virus was a virus that was engineered to be fatal to members of the Caarite species. During the Clone Wars, the Believers—a Sith cult that operated in the Cularin system—obtained a sample of the virus and they planned to use it to combat the influence of the Metatheran Cartel,[1] a trading concern led by the Caarites and the Filordi.[2] To test the virus, the Believers realeased the virus inside a secret Cartel base on the moon Tilnes, and the infection killed all but three of the Caarites inside the facility. The three survivors were mutated by the virus, and it transformed them into raging killers.[1]

Afterward, the Believers further refined the virus inside a secret laboaratory in S-Ipsus on the planet Genarius.[3] They then transported samples of the virus to Caarimon, the Caarite homeworld, where they planned to disperse the infection and wiple out the planet's enire Caarite population. However, the Heroes of Cularin, a group of freelance agents from the Cularin system, intervened and prevented the Believers from releasing the virus.[4]



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