"Too many others of our kindred have suffered at the hands of the human-loving Empire. We must put a stop to the human reign of terror. You know the truth of my words. Over the centuries, humans have brought us sorrow in countless ways"
Nolaa Tarkona[src]

Anti-Humanism was a kind of speciesism espoused by some radical alien factions. It was often, though not always, a reaction to Humanocentrism.

Just as other speciesists, anti-Humanists could be moderate (merely disliking Humans because of their species) or extreme (resorting to violence or even propagating genocide). A good example of the latter was the Diversity Alliance, an anti-New Republic terrorist organization that planned galaxy-wide genocide on Humans through use of bioweapons.

Anti-Humanism probably existed for as long as the Republic in some form or another, although it became more pronounced during and after the Imperial Era, in reaction to the Galactic Empire's own speciesist policy of Human High Culture. One species known to harbor long-standing anti-Human feelings was the Hutts. Bothans such as the prominent Senator Borsk Fey'lya were also often anti-Human and alienocentric.

Despite the Rights of Sentience, the New Republic's government was to some extent influenced by anti-Humanism, as anti-human Senators were appointed. Chief of State Leia Organa Solo was repeatedly discredited by alien representatives on grounds of her species, and certain alien factions supported the Diversity Alliance against the Solo children, whom it had detained for "illegal" entry to Ryloth, in 24 ABY. Some years later, when Organa Solo tried to warn the Senate of the upcoming Yuuzhan Vong War, she was accused (by alien Senators) of trying to re-implement Human rule over the galaxy.[1]

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