Battle droids operating an anti-aircraft gun during the Battle of Sarrish.

Anti-aircraft guns, also known as anti-aircraft artillery, were artillery emplacements stationed on battlefields, such as Mygeeto, to neutralize air targets in the area. They were especially useful in the defense of landing platforms. Clone troopers fighting in the Grand Army of the Republic used the slang term triple-A when referring to anti-aircraft artillery during the Clone Wars.


At the start of the Clone Wars, an AA gun was used to protect a Lucrehulk-class core ship. The clone commandos of Delta Squad destroyed the AA gun, and then proceeded to disable the core ship. Several more were mounted on platforms during the Battle of Bespin. The Bespin version was used to shoot down incoming Confederacy of Independent Systems Vulture droids and MAF gunships, until they were taken over by battle droids and used against Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptors and LAAT/is.

They were also common during the Galactic Civil War both the Rebels and the Empire used AA turrets to destroy aerial vehicles. Numerous other factions used AA such as the Hutt Cartel. The Empire utilized the advantages of the AA on their AT-AA.

Eaw at-aa perspective


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