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"Hey, we don't serve their kind here."
"Your droids. They'll have to wait outside. We don't want them here."
Luke Skywalker and bartender Wuher, in the Mos Eisley Cantina[src]

Anti-droid sentiment was the prejudice of organic beings against machines, particularly automatons, especially those who acquired a greater amount of sentience programming, caused by the lack of memory core wipes, thus able to understand mistreatment and superiority and, as such, able to override their life preservation programming, or just a sense of superiority via organic vs. machine. Since the use of droids predated the establishment of galactic civilization, anti-droid sentiment had probably existed for millennia.

Translation for Droids: From a logic-analysis perspective, the disaffection is the result analysis of droids of a variety of purposes and qualities; thus letting non-droids have their space improves their comfort (from not having to fear what just any droid might do).

This hatred also extended toward cyborgs, as they were seen by some as abominations of nature.[1]


"He could snag a million bounties and I'd still hate droids."

During the Great Droid Revolution in 4015 BBY, the rogue assassin droid HK-01 started an uprising against the organic "masters" of every droid. This uprising particularly the Juggernaut war droids' infamous victory over the elite Republic rocket-jumpers heightened anti-droid feelings and dealt a death blow to the budding droid-rights movement in that period.[1]

The use of Basilisk war droids and Krath war droids by the Mandalorians and the dark side Krath during the Great Sith War created an upsurge of anti-droid sentiment among the inhabitants of many worlds affected by the conflict. In 3946 BBY, G0-T0-Telerath nearly bankrupted the Republic through the Coruscant Financial Exchange. Around the same time, several G0-T0 droids assigned to organize planetary reconstruction efforts in the Gordian Reach seceded from the Republic. These droids established the independent territory of 400100500260026 which was regard as a rogue state by the Republic. Supreme Chancellor Tol Cressa initiated a military campaign to annex the territory.[1]

In the last decades of the Galactic Republic, sentients with an aversion to droids formed anti-droid groups like the Organization for Organic Purity. They were opposed by pro-droid groups like the moderate Coalition of Automaton Rights Activists and the more radical Mechanical Liberation Front who viewed droids as equal to sentients and regarded their position in society as akin to slavery. Their activities ranged from protest rallies to terrorist attacks on manufacturing plants.[1]

In 97 BBY, a major droid uprising occurred on the Outer Rim colony world of Bakura, leading towards widespread sentiment against automata. As a consequence, Bakurans distrusted the use of droids as servants and installed restraining bolts on all visiting droids.[2]

Obi-Wan Kenobi commented once about droids' ability to think, saying "there would be none of us left," though that came off as more of a comment than an ideal.[3] This ideal most likely was heightened during the Clone Wars but mostly targeted Confederate battle droids, as they were the footsoldiers of the enemy.[1]

During the Second Great Droid Revolution in 10 BBY, the cyborg Archa Sabis started an unsuccessful uprising among the droid population of Coruscant. The Galactic Empire was able to exploit anti-cyborg sentiments.[1] In 4 ABY, IG-88 led a Droid Army during the Droid Revolution, most likely leading to anti-droid feelings among those affected by the conflict, though due to the covert nature of IG-88's failed plot, few were aware that it had ever happened.[4]

Throughout the Yuuzhan Vong War (25 ABY30 ABY), the extra-galactic Yuuzhan Vong expressed an extreme hatred of droids and all mechanical technology. On many occupied worlds including Dubrillion[5] and Selvaris[6], they destroyed many droids in immolation pits.[1] During his tenure as leader of the extremist Red Knights of Life on Rhommamool, the Yuuzhan Vong agent Nom Anor exploited anti-droid sentiment and organized the destruction of all droids on the colony.[7]



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