Antimatter was the opposite of normal matter in terms of atomic structure. Particles of antimatter contained the opposite charge of normal matter. Matter and antimatter annihilated each other when they came into contact, releasing huge amounts of energy. Antimatter was used in Jedi interceptor hyperdrive rings to provide the starship with enough density to remain in hyperspace, as the Interceptor was not large enough to retain supralight speeds without external aid. Antimatter traces were left by passing starships, which may be explained by certain hyperdrives being fueled by anti-matter. Antimatter was used by Mako Spince when he accidentally destroyed Carida's Mascot Moon. The EX-F was a ship run by an experimental antimatter reactor. Antimatter was also used in numerous weapons designs by many different cultures. For example, the sentient spacecraft Ship's primary weapons were anti-matter pods, and the Galactic Empire sometimes used anti-matter micromines.

Antimatter furnaces were power plants.

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