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"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome aboard the pleasure yacht Arleen, now in interstellar transit from Antipose IX to—"
―A pilot droid[5]

The Antipose system was a part of the Outer Rim Territories' Centrality sector. It contained the planets Antipose and Antipose XII as well as the celestial body Antipose IX. By 3 BBY, the pleasure yacht Arleen was making year-long tours from the Oseon system to the Antipose system.

The former pirate Raskar became the ruler of Antipose at some point by 0 ABY, organizing a system of gladiatorial competitions on the planet with a valuable power gem as the ultimate prize. That year, the smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca visited Antipose in search of a power gem. Solo ultimately convinced Raskar to declare Chewbacca the winner of the contests and hand over the artifact, after which Raskar eventually returned to piracy.


The Antipose system was a part of the Centrality sector in the Slice portion of the Outer Rim Territories. The hyperlane known as the Falko Run linked it to the Falko and Paulking systems.[1] The system contained a star that was orbited by the terrestrial planets[3] Antipose[2] and Antipose XII as well as the celestial body Antipose IX.[4] The Antipose system's orbital bodies included a yellow-colored astronomical object and a celestial body that appeared large and dark blue from the surface of Antipose.[3]


Gladiators and cruises[]

"Instead of ruling a modest planet as when you met me… I'm reduced to being a pirate again!"
―Raskar, to Han Solo[6]

Raskar set up a gladiatorial contest system on Antipose with his power gem as the ultimate prize.

Following the destruction of the Pirates of Iridium[3] in 22 BBY,[7] the member of the group Raskar retired from piracy with a power gem[3]—a rare artifact composed of a[8] meteoritic[9] mineral that could disable the deflector shields of starships[8]—in his possession. Raskar settled on Antipose,[3] becoming its ruler in the process,[6] and organized a system of gladiatorial competitions with the power gem as the prize for the ultimate winner. Over time, many individuals sought to participate in the gladiatorial fights.[3]

The pleasure yacht Arleen,[4] which existed[5] by 3 BBY,[10] was making year-long tours from the Oseon system to Antipose IX and Antipose XII.[4] At some point between 3 BBY and 2 BBY,[10] the gambler and freighter captain Lando Calrissian rented a pilot droid to help him travel in his starship, the light freighter Millennium Falcon, from the asteroid Oseon 2795 to the planet Rafa IV in the Rafa system. Once the freighter arrived at its destination, the pilot droid addressed a non-existent audience as if it was aboard the Arleen instead and claimed—to the annoyance of Calrissian—that the vessel was undergoing an interstellar voyage from Antipose IX.[5]

The end of the contest[]

"Your little drinking buddy thinks he saw one on this rimworld we're headed for…?"
―Han Solo, discussing power gems with Chewbacca[3]

Han Solo (right) convinced Raskar to hand over the power gem to him and Chewbacca.

In 0 ABY,[11] the smuggler Han Solo, who by that time owned the Millennium Falcon, was tasked by Princess Leia Organa with finding and obtaining a power gem in order to help the Rebel Alliance combat the new[3] Star Dreadnought of the Sith Lord Darth Vader, the Executor.[12] Aboard the[3] Tharin sector[13] shadowport[1] Junkfort Station, an alien—who, unbeknownst to Solo and his copilot, Chewbacca, was an agent for Raskar—pointed the pair to Antipose, claiming he had seen a power gem there.[3]

Solo and Chewbacca then traveled to Antipose, where Solo eventually convinced Raskar to declare Chewbacca the ultimate winner of the gladiatorial contest. The smuggler pair then departed Antipose aboard the Falcon,[3] returning to the Alliance base on[14] the Gordian Reach moon Yavin 4.[1] Raskar, on the other hand, eventually experienced financial difficulties and was forced to return to interstellar piracy.[6]


"Mystra, you've got jokers paying for the chance to get their heads busted in that arena?"
―Han Solo[3]

By 0 ABY,[11] the only city on Antipose was inhabited by Basic-speaking members of various species.[3] Antipose XII was sparsely populated.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

The first unambiguously canonical mention of the Antipose system in Star Wars Legends was in the article "A Campaign Guide to the Centrality."

The Antipose system[15]—the name of which was based on mentions of Antipose IX[5] and Antipose XII in earlier Star Wars source material[16]—was first mentioned in "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, How I Wonder Where We Are," a 1990 roleplaying game source article that was published in the thirteenth issue of the Voyages SF magazine and placed the system in the Seswenna sector. Since the article was released outside of the Lucas Licensing process, its canonicity within the Star Wars Legends continuity was never confirmed.[15] The system's first unambiguously canonical mention was in the Wizards of the Coast roleplaying game source article "A Campaign Guide to the Centrality," authored by Michael Kogge and published in the fifth issue of the Star Wars Gamer magazine[4] on July 24, 2001.[17]

The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, released in 2008, created an apparent contradiction by stating that the Antipose system was situated "not far from Centrality,"[18] despite "A Campaign Guide to the Centrality" establishing that the system indeed constituted a part of that sector.[4] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas subsequently overrode both the Voyages SF 13 placement and information from The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia by placing the Antipose system in grid square U-8 as part of the Centrality.[1] Daniel Wallace,[2] one of the co-authors of The Essential Atlas,[1] later established in his blog on StarWars.com that the location name "Antipose" mentioned in the book also referred to[2] the unnamed planet that appeared in "The Power Gem," a comic story written by Archie Goodwin, penciled by Al Williamson, and published between July 26 and October 3, 1982[3] as part of the daily Star Wars comic strip distributed by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate to major American and Canadian newspapers from 1979 to 1984.[19] Thus, the Antipose system was retroactively established to have first appeared in "The Power Gem."[2]



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