Antonin was a male Human who served as a Vigo of Black Sun prior to the Clone Wars.


In 27 BBY, he was killed by Jango Fett. A bounty had been placed on his head by his rival Dreddon the Hutt. However, Antonin had put a bounty on Dreddon, who was killed by Zam Wesell. In the end, neither bounty was collected.

Antonin was a renowned lover of wine, especially Alderaanian wine, even offering a glass to Fett and boasting of the quality of its vintage while held at gunpoint.

Before his death, Antonin persuaded the bounty hunter to break the usual protocol and reveal the identity of his employer; on hearing that Fett had been hired by Dreddon, Antonin was amused by the irony of the situation and dedicated his final toast to his Hutt rival without informing Fett that he had already arranged for Dreddon's own demise. After draining his last glass, the vigo died happy, and with no regrets.



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