Antrot was an Abednedo tinkerer who served in the Rebel Alliance in the Galactic Civil War. He was one of several individuals that were part of team headed by Princess Leia Organa for a mission known as Operation Yellow Moon.


Operation Yellow Moon[]

Antrot was an Abednedo tech specialist who was assigned to Operation Yellow Moon at the suggestion of General Airen Cracken. On the way to the planet Basteel, Antrot watched with little interest as Kidi Aleri and Lokmarcha argued about what should be done with Imperials should the Alliance win the war. During the turbulent approach to Eladro City, Antrot was able to stay firmly planted to the deck of the Mellcrawler due to the fact that he had customized the soles of his boots to be magnetized. As the ship entered the tunnel that led to the city, he became nervous and revealed he was claustrophobic. However, once they landed and proceeded to the bazaar, he was quickly distracted by all the vendors there. He rejoined the team in Bon Yoth's home and made the climb up into the tunnels above the city. Antrot then placed a hyper-transceiver beacon and activated it. He climbed out of the tunnels and waited for Nien Nunb to come pick him up. When Nunb was delayed, Antrot provided the team with a small piece of flexible insulation in an attempt to protect them from the harsh climate.[1]


Yellow Moon crew

The crew of the operation aboard the Mellcrawler.

Once safely off planet, Antrot warmed up with the rest of the team on the Mellcrawler. He asked Nunb why it had taken so long for him to pick them up and learned that the Empire had arrived and was checking all ships registration and paperwork. The next day, when Aleri revealed that she suspected the codes being used were ones that the Imperials could read, he stated that he was just using the ones that were proved by General Cracken's team.[1]

When they arrived at Sesid, Antrot expressed concern that the beacon wouldn't withstand the temperature at the suggested placement site but Organa explained to him that they would set it up on the side of the volcano and not in it. After they landed on Thrinaka, Antrot bought some local clothes to blend in with the tourists, including oversized shades and a cap bearing the logo of a local fishing charter. He traveled with the rest of his team to the volcanic island that was the location for the beacon. He and Aleri were escorted by Lokmarcha up the slope of the volcano to place the beacon while Organa stayed behind on the beach to await a rendezvous with Aurelant.[1]

Aurelant waves goodbye

Organa and Antrot prepare to leave Sesid.

After activating the beacon, he returned to the beach and proceeded to head back to Thrinaka. When the team was intercepted by Imperial forces and attempted to flee, Organa ordered Antrot to rig a detonator on a timer and attach it to a float-vest in an attempt to disable their pursuers. He was able to knock out one waveskimmer but was soon overcome with nausea from the violent evasive maneuvers. After Organa sought shelter on the Daggadol, he had to helped off their boat by the pirates. Once Organa convinced the pirates to ally themselves with the Rebel Alliance, Aurelant asked Aleri if she could tune a Horvax-16 transmitter. She replied that she was familiar with the Horvax-8 but did not have any knowledge on the subaquatic amplifying array that the Horvax-16 used. Antrot spoke up and said he had experience with customizing communication equipment. The pair was tasked with configuring the equipment so they could arrange their escape off the planet.[1]


After landing in the village of Jowloon, Antrot accompanied the rest of his team to meet up with Nyessa, the local contact on the planet. Nyessa provided riding animals so that the rebels could make it to the communication tower and plant the beacon. Antrot rode behind Organa on an urda. When they reached the tower, Antrot complained about all the physical activity he was having to perform in this mission. After Aleri placed the beacon, Organa revealed the true nature of Operation Yellow Moon to the team. Antrot was unsurprised by the deception and simply stated, "Intelligence personnel always lie." They returned to Jowloon and setup an ambush in Old Grimshaw's barn. Antrot complained about the itchy dusty atmosphere of the barn and assured Organa that the remote charge he had rigged was functioning properly. Once the Imperial forces arrived, he set off the charge that caused the accumulated animals to stampede and overrun the Imperials.[1]

As they left the planet, Antrot remarked that the load of fertilizer that Nunb had acquired for trade was dangerously volatile. After they escaped the ambush by the Shieldmaiden, Antrot met with the rest of the team to decide on a plan of action. When Organa decided that they would continue to Yellow Moon in an attempt to warn off any ships that might show up, Antrot stated that he wanted to go to see if his beacons had worked as planned. Organa took him aside and asked him to rig the Mellcrawler to explode if the situation became dire. He informed the princess that with all the fertilizer Nunb had stored onboard, it would be very easy to create a large explosion. Organa swore him to secrecy and went with him to the hold of the ship. Along the way, they passed Lokmarcha and Aleri in a romantic embrace, and Antrot expressed confusion at the couple's relationship since they had spent most of the journey bickering. Organa explained that love didn't always make sense.[1]


After they arrived at Yellow Moon, their ship was captured by the Shieldmaiden. Antrot pulled out the detonator but Lokmarcha revealed that he knew of Organa's plan and told Antrot to disassemble the detonator and hide the parts in his pockets instead. He was captured but was able to escape his cell after Lokmarcha detonated the electromagnetic pulse bomb in his chest that disabled all the electronics in the area. He started to put together the detonator but it was also disabled by the electromagnetic pulse. At Organa's request, he hot-wired the cell door so that she could lock Khione in. He was bound with binders to appear like a prisoner so Organa could bluff their way past security. However, he didn't realize it was a ruse, and securely locked the binders, restricting his movements and making it hard to reassemble the detonator. When they were discovered in the landing bay attempting to escape, Antrot realized that the Mellcrawler wasn't oriented properly and the explosion wouldn't do any hull damage. He decided to board the yacht and move it, but was shot in the arm. He managed to board the yacht and pilot it into the proper position to cause the most damage. He detonated the explosives and was killed in the massive blast that also heavily damaged the Shieldmaiden.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"My apologies. People are always telling me I've said too much or too little. It's confusing."

Antrot had small black eyes with a knobby ridge over them. He was very neurotic, suffering from both claustrophobia and agoraphobia, and very socially awkward. He had the tendency to talk in his sleep.[1]

Skills and abilities[]


Antrot was an expert with explosives.

Antrot was very adept at both demolitions and working with technology.[1]


Antrot wore a powered monocle. His boots were customized with magnetic soles to help him keep his balance on ships. He carried a two meter square piece of flexible insulation in one of his pockets.[1]


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