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«The Paccosh had the blockade frigate, as I said. And Thrawn arrived at…an inopportune moment.»
«You're saying two of the Kilji Illumine's mighty warships couldn't handle a Paccian blockade frigate and a Chiss heavy cruiser?»
«No, sir, they couldn't, […] But one of the Kilji ships did escape back to Sunrise. Unfortunately, the Paccosh and the Chiss were able to follow it.»
«And yes, to destroy it, […] Did you think I wouldn't have heard of this from the Grysk vessel that escaped that disaster?»
―Jixtus and Qilori — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

The Anvil, codenamed "Cruiser One" by the Chiss, was a Kilji war cruiser and capital ship that served in the Illumine Kilhorde, the battle fleet of the Kilji Illumine during the government's conquests as the flagship of Kilji General Crofyp. It was the sister ship of the war cruiser Whetstone and the Kilji picket cruiser Hammer. Around 18 BBY, the Anvil served as the command ship of Crofyp's task force consisting of the warship and an smaller Kilji picket cruiser, the Hammer. The task force traveled through hyperspace from some location in the Unknown Regions to the Rapacc system, where it was confronted by a Chiss heavy cruiser and a Nikardun blockade frigate—in reality a Paccosh frigate—led by Chiss Senior Captain Mitth'raw'nuruodo (Core name "Thrawn").

During the confrontation, the Anvil and the Hammer performed a maneuver to face the frigate, and later fought an incoming Chiss heavy cruiser, the Springhawk with its spectrum laser cannons, however, the heavy cruiser had previously launched two volleys of plasma spheres, which disabled the Anvil's portside, forcing Crofyp to accept his fate and shield the Hammer from destruction. Shortly after the plasma spheres disabled part of the Anvil, the blockade frigate and the Springhwk fired all their weapons on the cruiser, destroying it, while the vessel's Pathfinder navigator Qilori of Uandualon escaped in an escape pod. After the pod was jettisoned, the Anvil exploded.


The Anvil was a Kilji war cruiser part of the Kilji species' theocracy of the Kilji Illumine, as well as part of General Crofyp's task force, which also included the shorter Kilji picket cruiser Hammer. The cruiser was equipped with several weapon clusters consisting of spectrum laser cannons and missile launchers, the war cruiser also held electrostatic barrier nodes which protected the Anvil's hull of the Anvil. The vessel was larger than a Chiss heavy cruiser, and was equipped with sensors in its hull.[1]

The war cruiser's bridge was where the vessel's escape pods where located, one to portside, and the other to starboard. The war cruiser's navigator's station was located closer to the portside pod. Both pods were covered by orange-rimmed doors. Comm could be used through the mikes of each of the bridge's stations, and messages and hails could be heard through the bridge's speakers. The bridge contained a large viewport on its front, which provided a panoramic view of the starship's location. Kilji vassals filled several stations, including a sensor station, a helm station from where the warship could be piloted, the navigator's station, and a station at the center which was occupied by the commander, General Crofyp.[1]


«Are you deaf as well as unenlightened? […] Like all others, they walk in darkness. We are here to take them to a place where they can be enlightened.»
«Can you not enlighten them here? […] They are useful servants to us. We don't wish to lose them.»
«The wishes of the unenlightened are of no importance, […] Do you move aside, or do you die?»
―General Crofyp and Uingali foar Marocsaa — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Senior Captain Thrawn destroyed the Anvil with the help of the Paccosh

Around 18 BBY,[3] Crofyp's task force was dispatched to retrieve refugees at the Unknown Regions Rapacc system by the Grysk operative Jixtus, who had allied himself with the Illumine's leader, Generalirius Nakirre. The Kilji, dispathced alongside Colonel Tildnis, and the colonel's picket cruiser Hammer Crofyp and his Kilji war cruiser Anvil, wished to arrive at his destination at the same time as the picket cruiser. As the war cruiser's Pathfinder navigator Qilori of Uandualon had noticed Tildnis' ship's voyage had been delayed by a few minutes, with Crofyp's permission, he stopped the Anvil's travels through hyperspace until he knew the smaller cruiser would arrive at the same time—which he knew thanks to his connection with the Force, a mystical energy that bound all life—he continued to pilot the Anvil until both cruisers arrived at the same time.[1]

The Kilji general attempted to retrieve the refugees peacefully through Qilori, however, the Kilji, highly impatient, stopped the Nikardun-Pathfinder negotiations and attempted to make the leader of the Nikardun blockade frigate guarding the planet of Rapacc, Paccosh official Uingali foar Marocsaa, give him the refugees, which failed, as the Nikardun prevented him from retrieving the refugees as he did not wish to give away his servants, which made Crofyp prepare an attack on the frigate. After the Hammer, and the Anvil had been positioned each in starboard and portside of the Aelos, the Nikardun warship, on Crofyp's orders, a Chiss heavy cruiser, the Springhawk, led by Senior Captain Thrawn, which had plotted with the "Nikardun" so he could defeat the Kiljis easily, appeared at the system. As a battle ensued, the Anvil used its laser cannons to fire three laser volleys at the Springhawk, which was useless, as the other warship's electrostatic barriers deflected the lasers. Shortly before the battle had began, however, the Chiss had sent two system-disabling plasma spheres at Crofyp's ship, disabling its portiside. As the doomed vessel was attacked constantly on that side without Crofyp noticing as his vessel's sensors were disabled, Crofyp decided to shield the Hammer so it could escape. However, Qilori, the ship's navigator, escaped with one of the Kilji war cruiser's escape pods ignoring Crofyp's threat. seconds later, the Anvil exploded.[1]

Commanders and crew[]

«I am General Crofyp of the Kilji Illumine»
―Crofyp to Uingali foar Marocsaa — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

The Anvil was placed under the command of enlightened Kilji General Crofyp. The vessel was crewed by several Kilji vassals, including Vassal One, the helm officer, Vassal Two, the sensor officer, Vassal Three, the weapons officer and Vassal Four, the communications Officer.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Anvil appeared in Thrawn Ascendancy: Lesser Evil, the final volume in the Star Wars: The Ascendancy Trilogy written by Timothy Zahn.[1]


Notes and references[]

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