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"This extremely tall, reptilian, sentient species was well regarded during the time of the Galactic Senate and the Jedi Order—two organizations in which they had representatives (although Force-sensitive Anx are rare)."
―Description of Anx in an artist's journal[1]

The Anx were a tall reptilian sentient species native to Gravlex Med. They were notable for their blade-shaped head which had a crest that changed color according to the individual's mood. They had a hunched stature and a low voice that was a direct result of the atmosphere on their homeworld having a higher-than-average gravity. They also were represented in both the Galactic Senate and the Jedi Order.[1]

Biology and appearance[]

"Anx are instantly recognizable from their blade-shaped head, which features a crest that changes color according to each individual's mood. They also have a hunched stature that, along with their low voice, is a direct result of the atmosphere on their homeworld, which has higher-than-average gravity."
―Description of Anx in an artist's journal[1]

The Anx were a reptilian sentient species with a distinctive appearance that had evolved in response to the high gravity of their homeworld, the Outer Rim planet Gravlex Med. Bipedal in nature, the species had dense musculature, a naturally stooped and hunched posture, and tails that provided a heavy balanced all in response to the gravity. However, despite these restrictions, the Anx still loomed over most other sentient species and could often reach up to four meters in height, also displaying notable strength. The species used their height to easily harvest from the chiliox trees native to their homeworld.[4]

Other adaptations of the Anx included the natural low-frequency echo of their voices, which had developed to allow communication across vast distances during a time in their history when the species lived in cave systems underground. In the right conditions, an Anx could make itself heard from kilometers away whether in an underground cave system or in the open air. Their large headcrests also developed to aid in communication, changing color to reflect their mood. This was a quirk of the herd-based social structure of communal living used by the Anx on Gravlex Med. Force-sensitivity was uncommon, but not unheard of, among the Anx.[4]

Society and culture[]

The natural herd structure of the Anx species was eventually extended into a full clan-based society with the internal structure of the clans being based around both extended family bonds and political alliances. Even long after this structure first developed, Anx tended to show fierce devotion to their family and other clan members, and could easily decipher the complex ties between the different group as the system had developed long before the Anx encountered any other sentient species.[4]

The Anx were especially naturally curious due to their confidence in being able to use their large size and strength to handle most threats that they encountered. They also possessed a curious ability to intuitively identify the weak spots within the anatomy of other species, giving them further advantage against new obstacles they encountered. The Anx developed their own deep rumbling language that was impossible for any other species to speak, but later also learned to speak Galactic Basic.[4]


From caves to the stars[]

The Anx evolved in the extensive cave systems found throughout the crust of Gravlex Med, but eventually emerged from their subterranean existence and began harvesting the bounty of the chiliox trees that grew across many of the savannahs of their homeworld. Long before they encountered any other sentient species, the Anx's herd based structure evolved into a complex clan-based society that developed space travel independently of any other species in ancient times in the form of the Gravlex Launchworks. These facilities were high-velocity cannons that were calibrated to fire starships upon precise trajectories to other planets, and were dotted across the surface of Gravlex Med. With this technology, the Anx forged a long and proud history of interstellar exploration and colonization.[4]

After first encountering hyperdrive technology, the Anx eventually adopted its use in their exploration and colonization efforts, leaving the launchworks obsolete. The facilities were instead converted to garbage disposal systems that launched all of the waste from Anx society into the heart of the Gravlex Med system's sun.[4]

Imperial contamination[]

By the Imperial Era, some Anx continued to dwell in the caves of their homeworld, but most had long ago moved to the surface to dwell in cities such as Ozlyn Gox, capital of Gravlex Med. Historically, the species had dealt with every challenge with relative ease, but this changed with the rise of the Galactic Empire, who seized the launchworks of Gravlex Med in order to study the technology for any potential combat applications in weaponry. The hazardous refuse of the experiments conducted by the Imperial researchers polluted the planet, contaminating the world and ravaging the ecological balance of its savannahs while causing much of native flora and fauna to begin dying out.[4]

The experiments on the ancient cannons yielded few results, but unwilling to admit that they had come away empty-handed, the research teams recommended that the Empire expanded the launchworks use as garbage disposal facilities. As a result, huge numbers of garbage scows and transports carrying hazardous waste began to arrive at the planet to deposit their refuse. Although the waste was processed to be eventually launched from the cannons, the launchwork facilities were not designed to handle such large quantities or contain contamination, and so Gravlex Med's environment was further damaged, with the areas around the launchworks themselves becoming rapidly expanding wastelands polluted with toxic spills and deadly biological agents.[4]

The Imperial Military also established garrisons across Gravlex Med without any regard for the various territorial claims of the native clans, who lacked the resources to challenge the Imperials on their own. Many Anx began to migrate away from their polluted homeworld in fear of what the Empire might do next as it tightened its grip, with the exodus creating the possibility that the long legacy of the Anx might become fractured or that their proud traditions might be lost all together. Some Anx began looking to their ancient colonization practices for the chance for a new start among the stars, but others turned to the Alliance to Restore the Republic, a faction rebelling against the Empire, in the hope of reversing their homeworld's decline.[4]

Anx in the galaxy[]

"Two Anx stood behind me engaged in conversation. Their deep, rumbling voices vibrated through me. I've never heard anything like it!"
―Notes in an artist's journal[1]

Anx's distinctive appearance and deep rumbling voices made them stand out anywhere in the galaxy and made the fact that they came from a high gravity world obvious even to the most casual observer. The low frequencies of their voices often make other species uncomfortable, causing unpleasant sensations deep in their bones even when the Anx were speaking in Basic. As the Anx's native language caused even more intense discomfort in others, they rarely spoke it anywhere but on Gravlex Med.[4]

The Anx themselves were in turn discomforted when other species learned to interpret the changing colors of their headcrests, making deception much harder for the reptilians. Non-Anx found the species' complex social structures difficult to decipher, and some considered them excessively curious, but the species had a reputation for courage and bold action and were naturally charming and able to lead.[4]

During the reign of the Galactic Republic, various Force-sensitive Anx joined the Jedi Order, with some rising to the respected rank of Jedi Master. The Anx's natural abilities in understanding the anatomy of other species made them capable healers and duelists, talents that they were willing to put to good use while intervening in dangerous places due to their durable frames and fearless attitudes. During the Clone Wars between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the prowess of the Anx Jedi that took to the field earned them great respect, even verging on awe. However, after the fall of the Jedi at the end of the war, Force-sensitive Anx learned to be especially cautious about revealing their natural talents given the Empire's excessive interests in the species' holdings.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Anx first appeared in the 1999 prequel trilogy film, Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace.[5] In the current Star Wars canon, they were first identified in the 2014 junior novel Ezra's Gamble by Ryder Windham.[6]



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