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"She was still impressive, wasn't she… even all mangled and broken like that. My Anya Karu was a beautiful ship."
―Captain Aron Harcourt, to Boba Fett[2]

The Anya Karu was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer serving the Galactic Empire's Imperial Navy during or prior to 3 BBY, shortly before the Galactic Civil War. Helmed by Captain Aron Harcourt, the Star Destroyer was brought down by Rebel saboteurs and left broken on a desolate planet. Disgraced and demoted by the Anya Karu's demise, Harcourt hired the bounty hunter Boba Fett to retrieve a holorecording of his departed wife from the wreckage of the Anya Karu. Fett was able to retrieve the holorecording moments before the Imperial Adjudicator destroyed the Anya Karu's fuselage.


As an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, the Anya Karu[2] was manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards, one of the largest shipyards in the galaxy during the time of the Galactic Empire. At 1,600 meters in length,[1] the Anya Karu possessed the same characteristics of other Imperial Star Destroyers, such as the massive bridge located toward the aft of the warship.[2]


"They ended my career… rather than admit they had lost one of their capital ships… to a team of Rebel Saboteurs."
―Captain Aron Harcourt, discussing the events after the loss of the Anya Karu[2]

Boba Fett in the Anya Karu

Helmed by Captain Aron Harcourt, the Anya Karu belonged to the Galactic Empire's Imperial Navy during or prior to 3 BBY,[2] shortly before the outbreak of the Galactic Civil War.[4] As Harcourt was a hero of the Empire, he and the Anya Karu were granted certain privileges, one such being that Harcourt could keep an RHTC-560 Hunter Trainer droid and two RHTC-560 HT Drones as bodyguards, given to him by a Rodian warlord.[2] Sometime before or during the year 3 BBY, Rebel agents sabotaged the Anya Karu, causing it to crash[2][3] on a barren planet. As the vessel went down, Harcourt gave the order to abandon ship.[2]

In response to the loss of one of their capital ships, the Imperials put in a formal Inquiry before having Harcourt used as the scapegoat for the incident,[2] forcing him out of the command structure and placing him in control of a distant outpost,[3] as the Empire did not want to admit that they had lost one of their ships to Rebel sabotage. Around three years after the incident, Harcourt hired the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett to retrieve an old holorecording that he had left on the Anya Karu of his wife, Janelle Harcourt, who had died around 3 BBY.[2]

Slave I escapes as the Anya Karu is destroyed

Fett arrived at the wreckage of the Anya Karu in his Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft Slave I, destroyed the two TIE fighters patrolling the restricted area, and boarded the ship twenty-five minutes to spare before the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Adjudicator arrived to destroy it. While onboard the Anya Karu, the bounty hunter discovered a dead stormtrooper, fought off a pack of winged mynocks that had taken refuge on the ship, and destroyed Harcourt's old Hunter Trainer droids. Fett secured the recording and left the ship, which was destroyed via turbolaser fire from the Adjudicator seconds later.[2]

Commanders and crew[]

The Anya Karu was under the command of Captain Aron Harcourt, with thirty years of experience as a commanding officer by the time she was sabotaged. Serving as bodyguards to Harcourt were an RHTC-560 Hunter Trainer and two RHTC-560 HT drones, gifted to him from a Rodian warlord. Also in service aboard the Anya Karu was at least one Imperial stormtrooper, whose body Fett later found while searching the ship.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Anya Karu first appeared in 2004's Dark Horse Comics' Empire 28, illustrated by Adriana Melo, Michael Atiyeh, and Michael David Thomas, and scripted by Ron Marz. The Anya Karu was later mentioned in Harcourt's entry in the The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, published in 2008 as a collection of everything Star Wars. The entry in the Encyclopedia clearly stated that Janelle Harcourt's death in 3 BBY was after the Anya Karu's sabotage, meaning that the incident had to happen prior to or earlier that year.



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