Anyul was a blonde, female Human born on Kesh in 20 ABY. She attained the rank of Sith Saber by 44 ABY, when she accompanied High Lord Sarasu Taalon's strike force to Dathomir to ally with Luke Skywalker in order to eliminate Abeloth. In the fleet, she served aboard the Starstalker, under the command of Captain Vyn Holpur. Shortly before the onset of the Sith's mission with Skywalker, Taalon gave Leeha Faal an order to retrieve samples of wintrium from the Fountain of Ancients on Klatooine, an order which Faal passed on to Holpur. Holpur and the crew of the Starstalker carried out the mission, with Anyul and fellow Sith Saber Marjaak attempting to collect the samples from the sacred Fountain. Despite interference by Klatooinian guards, the Sith managed to take samples, but their escape was halted by the Hutts, who were bound by the Treaty of Vontor to protect the Fountain. Holpur and his entire crew were later condemned to death for their act.


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