"A favorite on Naboo and throughout the Chommell sector, slow-cooked in our gamma flux broiler with space-carrots, Ojomian onions, Anzati snot garlic, and Deltron spice wine."
―The Dex's Diner menu's description of Shaak pot roast[1]

Anzati snot garlic was a plant species of garlic used in cooking. One dish in which the garlic was used was known as Shaak pot roast, which was served in Dex's Diner on the planet Coruscant. On the planet Monsolar, the bulb was also used as part of a folk remedy for ending infestation by a syrox parasite. When the Monsolar native Waleed Nagma suffered such an infestation, he had a bulb smuggled into the prison known as Cog Hive Seven, where he was incarcerated. He successfully used it to draw out the syrox from within him.

Biology and appearance[]

Anzati snot garlic was a non-sentient plant species of garlic[1] that grew in cloves.[2]


"Back on Monsolar, we have an old folk remedy for those who've been infected. Go to sleep with a bulb of snot garlic on your pillow. They say the syrox is attracted to the smell. It comes crawling out on its own."
―Waleed Nagma describes a folk remedy for syrox infestation[2]

On the planet Monsolar, a folk remedy using snot garlic developed as a method of curing infestation by parasites known as syrox. If an individual within whom a syrox was growing placed the snot garlic on his or her pillow before going to sleep, then the smell would draw the creature out through the mouth of the sufferer. For this reason, Waleed Nagma, a native of Monsolar, had a bulb of snot garlic smuggled into the prison Cog Hive Seven whilst he was an inmate there. Nagma, who had a syrox growing inside him, had fellow inmate Zero smuggle in the bulb with the prison's supplies. Nagma then used it as the folk remedy suggested, although the Monsolar native did so only as a last resort, initially attempting to have the parasite removed surgically. The syrox emerged from within Nagma while he was still awake and was then killed by Zero.[2]

Anzati snot garlic was used as an ingredient in Shaak pot roast, along with Shaak meat, space carrots, Ojomian onions, and Deltron spice wine. The dish was served for AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png8.7 at the Besalisk chef Dexter Jettster's eatery, Dex's Diner, on the planet of Coruscant. The diner prepared the dish by slow-cooking it in a Gamma flux boiler, and did so[1] before the destruction of the establishment in around 19 BBY.[3] The dish was also a favorite in the Lesser Plooriod Cluster throughout the Chommell sector, including the planet Naboo.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Anzati snot garlic was first mentioned in the 2009 Hyperspace-exclusive article "Dining at Dex's," which was written by Gregory Walker. The article does not make clear if there is a connection between the garlic[1] and the sentient species named the Anzati, who are native to the planet Anzat.[4] The garlic then appeared in the short story "The Syrox Redemption," which was written by Joe Schreiber and published in the 146th issue of Star Wars Insider magazine in 2013.



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