The Ao Var was a Ghtroc Industries[1] Class 720 light freighter with a crew capacity of at least one. It was piloted by a smuggler named Pash, but technically was the property of cartel gangster Teemo the Hutt.


The Ao Var, a Class 720 light freighter[2] with a crew capacity of at least one, was manufactured by Ghtroc Industries[1] and piloted by a smuggler named Pash. However, it was technically the property of cartel gangster Teemo the Hutt. Pash was given the ship to transport Teemo's cargo in and out of Mos Shuuta—a settlement on the Outer Rim planet of Tatooine—after his arrest and release by the Galactic Empire soon after the Imperial destruction of Alderaan, a rebel-sympathizing planet during the time of a rebellion against the Empire. While flying the Ao Var, Pash was shot at by pirates and customs officials and had to risk landing the craft in remote, dangerous locations. Rusty and old at this point, eight weeks of transporting cargo under harsh conditions damaged it beyond repair, moving Pash to sell it as parts scrap when he got it back to Mos Shuuta. Pash decided to escape off-planet rather than face Teemo's displeasure.[2]

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Ghtroc720 sotg07

A typical Ghtroc 720 light freighter

The Ao Var was briefly mentioned in the prologue to Fantasy Flight Games' Edge of the Empire Beginner Game adventure, "Escape from Mos Shuuta," in the character folio biography for Pash that was included with the game released on December 14, 2012.[2]



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