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Ap'lek was a Force-sensitive humanoid male who served as a member of the Knights of Ren, under the command of an individual known as Ren.[3]


Sometime before 28 ABY, the Force-sensitive Ap'lek joined the Knights of Ren, led by an individual known only as Ren.

Sometime after the hunt for Rey, Ap'lek and his fellow Knights of Ren were guarding the entrance to the Sith Citadel as the redeemed Ben Solo tried to gain entry to help Rey slay Palpatine. Ben quickly killed all of the Knights of Ren after Rey gave him Skywalker's lightsaber through their Force-bond. Ben grazed Ap'lek's thigh before he was Force pushed into a chasm, falling to his death.

Powers and abilities[]

Ap'lek was Force-sensitive and an adept of the dark side of the Force, however his powers were underdeveloped. As a Knight of Ren, Ap'lek had a martial prowess very few could beat.[4]

Unlike his fellow Knights, Ap'lek preferred deception over violence. He employed feints and misdirection to trap an opponent.[4]

The now redeemed Ben Solo faces his former acolytes.

Despite his great skill as a warrior, Ap'lek was quickly killed by his redeemed former leader, Ben Solo, during the Battle of Exegol. Grazed by the Skywalker lightsaber, the wounded Ap'lek was Force pushed into a chasm, falling to his death.[2]


Ap'lek's preferred weapon was an ancient modified Mandalorian executioner's ax made out of beskar alloy. The ax featured an ultrasonic vibro-tech feature which allowed it to slice through armor and bone with comparative ease. In relation to Ap'lek's preference for stealth, the Knight of Ren had a smoke canister attached to his waist which spewed out smoke capable of distorting an opponent's vision and sensors.[4]

Ap'lek wore primarily black clothing, much like the other Knights of Ren. In particular, Ap'lek donned a water-shedding oiled cloak, and lightweight plastoid armor underneath his black tunic. He also wore gauntlets with a set of raised teeth to assist in parrying and pinning edged attacks. Ap'lek's helmet conveyed a menacing rictus and was of relatively crude design, being patched together from battered armor.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Ap'lek was portrayed by stunt performer Lukaz Leong in the 2019 movie Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker,[6] although he is only listed as "Knight of Ren" in the movie's credits.[2]


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