The Apailana's Promise was a Braha'tok-class gunship that served the Alliance to Restore the Republic before and during the Galactic Civil War. It bore two X-wings attached to its undercarriage and was crewed by a dozen navy veterans such as Commander Tohna and the rebel pilot Nemenov.[2]



"Your company, your show. The Promise will back you either way."
―First Officer Sharn agreeing with the proposal for Operation Ringbreaker[src]

The Apailana's Promise was described as a "mean, compact dagger of a ship". Although not designed to, it carried two X-wings on its undercarriage—whose pilots had a special infamy for never setting foot on the Thunderstrike.[2] Like all Braha'tok-class gunships, the Apailana's Promise could be crewed by 75 personnel[1] and carry up to 15 passengers.[4] The Apailana's Promise was subsequently crewed by a few dozen navy veterans, who owed Twilight Company nearly 50,000 credits, according to a running tally on the door of the Thunderstrike's starboard barracks.[2]

Design and featuresEdit

Built by the Dornean Braha'ket Fleetworks Conglomerate, the Apailana's Promise stood at 90 metres long[1] with a silver plated hull to deflect solar radiation.[3] Its weaponary consisted of a complement of 8 double turbolaser cannons and 8 concussion missile launchers.[1] The gunship could reach speeds of up to 800 kilometers per hour and was equipped with a class 1 hyperdrive that was located at the rear of the vessel. The ship's command bridge was located at the bow of the ship[3] between its two sublight engines.[5]


As a Braha'tok-class gunship, the Apailana's Promise was built for the defense of Dornea.[3] It was designed for fast attack, bombardment[1] and anti-starfighter roles[3] but when part of the Alliance to Restore the Republic it became escort to the CR90 corvette Thunderstrike. Throughout its time as escort, the Apailana's Promise protected the Thunderstrike up to when the corvette was shot down by TIE fighters in the Siege of Inyusu Tor.[2]


Mid Rim retreatEdit

The Apailana's Promise had served the Sixty-First Mobile Infantry, also known as Twilight Company, as escort to their CR90 corvette Thunderstrike since sometime before or during the Mid Rim Retreat, carrying Twilight Company's two X-wings. The gunship helped Twilight Company in the attack on Haidoral Prime where Twilight soldiers extracted the defecting governor Everi Chalis and following the Coyerti campaign, it fended off pursuing Imperial forces three times in the Metatessu sector in order for the Thunderstrike to make it out intact. The engineer M2-M5 deduced that they were being tracked because of damages to the Thunderstike's hyperdrive causing it to leak an easily traceable trail. Chalis therefore planned a raid to get the resources needed to repair the Thunderstrike.

Raid on an Imperial heavy freighterEdit

The Apailana's Promise and the Thunderstrike ambushed an Imperial heavy freighter in the Redhurne system and the Thunderstrike launched at least six boarding pods at the heavy freighter. The Apailana's Promise and Thunderstrike then kept the heavy freighter busy until an Imperial Gozanti-class cruiser jumped into the system and set a course for the battle. Twilight Company's Captain therefore gave the squads five minutes to return to their boarding pods and get back to the Thunderstrike. Once all the squads returned, the two ships jumped out of the system. The mission was a success with eight casualties, including Sergeants Fektrin and Maximian Ajax.[2]

In the Elochar SectorEdit

After the raid, the Apailana's Promise and the Thunderstrike went to a rebel flotilla in the Elochar sector where three other battle groups were stationed. Meanwhile, Howl, Chalis, Namir and two other went to Echo Base on Hoth for a strategy conference. They stayed there to repair and in the meantime, the soldiers were put to work or given shore leave to other dozen ships such as the Sixmoon, who Captain So-Hem invited Twilight soldiers onto. The light freighter Trumpet's Call arrived in the sector without its life support, leaving its crew either dead or unconscious. The Thunderstrike took the survivors on board, not realising they were Imperial spies.[2]

The eight spies regained consciousness and stormed the bridge, killing Commander Paonu and other officers. Lieutenant Sairgon managed to get a message out to the flotilla before he was shot dead and the other ships fled, leaving the Thunderstrike, Apailana's Promise and Trumpet's Call. Twilight soldier Brand killed the spies and retook the bridge. Imperial-class Star Destroyer Herald arrived in the sector and Prelate Verge demanded for Chalis. The remaining of bridge crew piloted the Thunderstrike out of the system, taking a few hit along the way. The Apailana's Promise went with the Thunderstrike as they escaped.[2]

At AnkhuralEdit

The two ships became stationed at Ankhural where the Apailana's Promise was being repaired in orbit by a skeleton crew and the Thunderstrike was being repaired in the abandoned podracing track with all the Twilight soldiers around. Namir and Chalis returned from Hoth with the news of Howl's death in an Imperial attack and they had a large funeral for the man at a cantina. One of the X-wing pilots, Nemenov, made a rare appearance among the Twilight members for the funeral.[2]

Following the funeral, Chalis decided to take advantage of the fact the Imperial Navy was withdrawing from key Imperial strong points and devised Operation Ringbreaker. This targeted the Kuat Drive Yards and over half a dozen other worlds before to draw more Imperial forces away. Chalis proposed this to the most senior Twilight members of which they agreed to it. Commander Tohna was transferred from the Apailana's Promise, with high praise from their officers, to take control of the Thunderstrike's bridge crew.[2]

Operation RingbreakerEdit

"Twilight? This is the Promise. We've been ambushed—the whole blasted swarm came in from behind the moon. They were waiting for the Thunderstrike to hit atmo..."
―A female officer on the Apailana's Promise as Vixus Squadron ambushes the two ships on Sullust[src]

Twilight Company departed from Ankhural and began Operation Ringbreaker where the Apailana's Promise helped attack numerous Imperial facilities on Mardona III, Obumubo, Najan-Rovi, Nakadia, Naator, Xagobah and the Kuliquo belt. It was just Sullust and Malastare left until Kuat. The Apailana's Promise covered the Thunderstrike as it dropped soldiers onto Sullust. A day later they returned to pick them up from Inyusu Tor, the factory which they had taken. However, once the ships came into orbit, they were ambushed by the TIE fighters of Vixus Squadron. The Apailana's Promise and the X-wings defended the Thunderstrike but it was too late, the Thunderstrike plummeted to the ground and the Apailana's Promise and the X-wings fled the system.[2]

Siege of Inysu TorEdit

Twilight Company held at Inyusu Tor from Imperial reinforcements. However, the Herald was present and began bombarding outer positions, hitting the defenses hard. The Apailana's Promise returned to Sullust with its X-wings and they distracted the Herald whilst the ground battle raged on below. Chalis took a shuttle up to the Herald where she set of around twenty Ion bombs, crippling the Star Destroyer's power. The Herald retreated into orbit and the battle soon came to an end. The Apailana's Promise had come out with its laser batteries drained and its deflector shields overheated but its hull stunningly intact.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Apailana's Promise first appeared in Battlefront: Twilight Company, a novel written by Alexander Freed and published in 2015.[2]


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