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"Han... Why are you letting them do this? Chewbacca isn't an ape!"
"They don't know that, Princess. And I don't aim to tell them."
Leia Organa and Han Solo[src]

The word Ape described various semi-sentient species of creatures related to primates, humanoid in shape. The facial traits of the Sanyassans were often described as being "ape-like"[1] or "simian".[2] The Ferijia system was home to a race of apes.[3]

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In real life, the words "ape" and "monkey" cannot be used interchangeably; the former describes a class of large and tailless semi-sentient humanoid primates, while the latter refers to smaller creatures having a tail and cheek pouches, among other differences.[4] In Star Wars literature, however, the two names have been used alternatively—the Sanyassans have been described as both "monkeylike"[5] and "ape-like".[1]



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