Aphran IV was a warm planet in the Inner Rim's Aphran system. Located along the Namadii Corridor, Aphran IV was situated between Bilbringi and Carratos.


Not an extremely productive world, the citizens of the world were known for their woodworking skills, using the native lumber from the lush forests that covered the planet. While a capital city was constructed on the world, it maintained the world's natural beauty with broad lakes that caught the sunset each day. Because of the worlds warm climate, there were no polar regions to the world, granting no escape from the sometimes muggy temperatures. Adapting to this, the Aphran people incorporated a climate control system that shield their homes and government offices, allowing cool air to remain inside, even if windows and doors remained open.[3]


The Aphran system was discovered sometime between the Kymoodon Era and the Rianitus Period by the Galactic Republic.[2]

Under the Republic, Aphran IV was the headquarters of small businesses, including Tadening Foodmakers. When the Yuuzhan Vong War erupted in the northern region of the galaxy, systems and entire sectors close to Aphran began to fall to the invaders. In an attempt to keep Aphran in league with the Republic after the Fall of Coruscant, famed heroes of the Republic Han and Leia Solo made contact with a group of smugglers on the world they hoped would lead a local resistance movement should the Yuuzhan Vong-allied Peace Brigade attempt to take the world. Disguised as a pilot and a war veteran with a prosthetic arm, the Solos landed the Millennium Falcon at the expansive government spaceport some distance from the capital. Given a room in the spaceport, the Solo's disguises were compromised and Aphran Planetary Security captured the pair and took them to a jail cell to be interrogated. Stern lipped, the Solo's revealed nothing, angering Captain Mudlath. Meanwhile, the Solos' droids R2-D2 and C-3PO made their way from the spacedock to the prison block where they were able to smuggle in weapon's to the Solos', including vibroknives and Leia's lightsaber. Using the weapons to break free of their prison, the Solos and their droids retreated to the Falcon and flew into the dense jungles until they lost the Z-95 Headhunters that chased them from the spaceport.[3]



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