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"You're the best player—you've got an accurate arm and you can improvise plays under fire. Ramsy was right to make you center striker, at least."
"You've got two speedy stikers with good hands in Bennis and Kelio, and a solid defender in Atropos. Fullbacks are a little slow off the mark, though Sina's got a nice sense of the field. As for Ollet, he has good size—he ought to be better than he is. But Plandin is an average keeper at best, and Lazar doesn't have the range to be kicker."
―Merei Spanjaf, giving scouting notes to Zare Leonis[src]

AppSci SaberCats was a grav-ball team fielded by the Junior Academy of Applied Sciences. Center striker Zare Leonis, fullback Beck Ollet and kicker Merei Spanjaf all played for the team.

The team was named after the sabercat, a predatory feline which was found on Lothal.[1]

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The sabercat was a horned feline species that first appeared in the Star Wars Legends comic Star Wars 36: Red Queen Rising. The creature itself was first mentioned in canon in Ultimate Star Wars.

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