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Appazanna Engineering Works was based on Kashyyyk and was a manufacturer of starships, particularly gunships, with indigenous Wookiee design features. The Auzituck anti-slaver gunship was one such vessel, known for its rapid-fire Sureggi laser cannons. Other vessels manufactured by the company included the Oevvaor jet catamaran and the Raddaugh Gnasp fluttercraft.[1]

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In the Expanded Universe, Appazanna Engineering Works was also based on Kashyyyk and was the manufacturer of the Raddaugh Gnasp fluttercraft and Oevvaor jet catamaran. Although the content of the Expanded Universe has been re-branded as Star Wars Legends and is no longer considered canon, Star Wars Rebels has brought both the company itself and its manufacturing of these vessels back into the Star Wars canon, though the vessels themselves did appear in the Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith film.


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