Apwar Trigit was an Imperial officer who later aligned himself with Warlord Zsinj. Trigit was a lean Human who, in his later years, sported a graying black beard and matching hair, and a black and silver uniform that he designed himself.[1] The surname "Trigit" was common amongst Human colonies.[source?]


Trigit's history prior to his departure from the Imperial Starfleet in 7 ABY is unknown. After Ysanne Isard's supposed death, Trigit went rogue along with his ship and crew. Trigit then hired himself and his Imperial-class Star Destroyer, Implacable, to Zsinj. There he bore the title of "admiral", although given the number of self-promoted warlords, his penchant for individualism and his command of a single starship, it is unlikely that this was the rank he held within the Imperial Starfleet.[1]

Trigit leaked intelligence to New Republic agents and drew Talon Squadron into a trap that reduced their squadron to a single starfighter. Filled with hubris, Trigit initiated the Battle of Folor but the newly formed Wraith Squadron based there, having discovered Implacable's docking at Commenor, was able to avoid destruction. Trigit managed to avoid a New Republic trap at Morobe that claimed Provocateur and Constrictor.[1]

At the behest of Zsinj, Trigit ordered Implacable to Ession to receive a shipment of TIE Fighters from the Pakkerd Light Transport facility. Night Caller, an Imperial corvette under the control of disguised Wraith Squadron commandos, escorted Implacable. This time, Trigit would not avoid the trap. Wraith Squadron sprung its surprise and engaged Implacable. Falynn Sandskimmer immobilized the ship by destroying its power cells, which caused Trigit to initiate the self-destruct sequence and flee the Star Destroyer in a modified TIE/IN interceptor. Chased by General Edor Crespin and Lieutenant Myn Donos, Trigit refused to surrender. Crespin destroyed the admiral's escort, and Donos, the sole survivor of Talon Squadron, correctly predicted Trigit's path and destroyed his fighter with a pair of proton torpedoes.[1]



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