The Aqualish Civil War was fought between the three Aqualish races: Aquala, Quara, and Ualaq. It was ignited by the Aquala, who blamed the Quara and Ualaq for the declining harvests of fish due to overfishing. The war nearly exterminated all of the Aqualish races. The war ended when an offworld exploratory vessel landed on Ando. According to legend, the ship may have been either from Corellia or Duro. The three Aqualish subspecies united together and killed the crew in hopes of learning the secret of space travel and starship engineering. Eventually, they created an armada of starships. As a united species, they embarked on a long campaign of conquest that began with a war with Andando, Ando's sister planet, which was blasted uninhabitable. The episode ended with the Aqualish–Republic War, with Ando ultimately joining the Galactic Republic in 15,000 BBY.



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