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Aquaris was an inhabited aquatic planet located in the Cvetaen system of the Expansion Region's Sumitra sector. Devoid of any landmasses, the planet was one large ocean.

History[edit | edit source]

A demonsquid on Aquaris

Discovered during the Great Manifest Period, the ocean world suffered a devastating natural disaster circa 5000 BBY; however, the world's native sapients, the Chuhkyvi, were evacuated by a benevolent alien species to Iskalon before the catastrophe could wipe them out.[2]

Just within the borders of Darth Revan's Sith Empire during the Jedi Civil War, Aquaris eventually was left unoccupied and uncontested during the New Sith Wars. Eventually the Galactic Republic laid claims to this area of space, holding onto it throughout the Clone Wars.[3] During the conflict, renegade Kaminoan scientist, Ko Sai, was believed by the Special Operations Brigade to have made a stopover here before continuing on to exile on Dorumaa.[4] After the death of King Alaric the whole sector including this planet, left the Republic and joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Aquaris Freeholders began to seek liberation from the Empire, offering the Alliance to Restore the Republic access to their expansive underwater base. Accessible through a retractable surface landing platform, the Freeholders survived on the planet by piloting submersible aqua-skimmers to hunt the planet's marine wildlife. As members of the Rebel Alliance, many Freeholders left the world to attack the Empire holdings.[2]

Not playing much more of a role in the Civil War, the planet was conquered by the Yuuzhan Vong during their invasion of the galaxy during the reign of the New Republic.[3]

Fauna[edit | edit source]

Among the most dangerous aquatic creatures in Aquaris' oceans were the enormous demonsquid, which were eight-tentacled mollusks with large jaws beneath a clump of arms. The gnooroop traveled in dense schools that could stretch up to ten kilometers long.[2]

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