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Senator Christo's aquarium on Coruscant

An aquarium was a water tank designed to hold aquatic creatures. Aquariums could vary widely in size, from tanks small enough to keep in an office or other indoor room[1] to the conversion of half the space of a large freighter.[2]

One of the voyages of the starship Legacy Run, during the High Republic Era, involved half of the vessel's cargo space being converted into an aquarium to transport an enormous saberfish from Spira to a private aquarium on Abregado-Rae. When the creature became ill, the countess who had ordered the creature paid for it to be returned to Spira.[2]

Duchess Satine Kryze of Mandalore had an aquarium installed in her private quarters in the city of Sundari, which was destroyed when Prime Minister Almec attempted to stage a coup against her. Kryze's nephew Korkie and his friends found the body of one of Kryze's bodyguards lying in what remained of the tank, with water all over the room.[1]

Senator Christo of the Galactic Republic also had an aquarium installed in his house on Coruscant.[3] Alderaanian viceroy Bail Organa had one installed in his office in the Royal Palace of Alderaan to keep his adopted daughter Leia amused when she was a toddler.[4]

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Aquariums first appeared in canon in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 3 episode "The Academy".[1]


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