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Senator Christo's aquarium on Coruscant

"Ah, here we are. Here it is. A pocket-sized aquarium. Wonderful, isn't it? And, you can take it with you anywhere. And the tank is a snap to clean."
―Saun Dann[src]

An aquarium, also known as a fish tank, was a transparent water-filled container in which living fishes and other aquatic animals or plants were kept. Aquariums served as exhibition areas, either as large buildings or as personal decorations.

Typically constructed of transparisteel panels, such tanks came in many shapes, the most common being cuboid structures.[1] Bowl-shaped containers called fishbowls existed as well.[2]

During the Clone Wars, Duchess Satine Kryze had one in her apartment on Mandalore, and Senator Christo also had an aquarium in his apartment on Coruscant. The Dubrillion Aquarium was another famous example; Shedao Shai used it as his base of operations during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Cha Niathal had an aquarium in her home on Dac; she committed suicide there by filling her aquarium's tank with carbon monoxide.

One type of aquarium was a miniaturized aquarium that would fit in a pocket and was very easy to clean. The merchant Saun Dann sold such pocket-sized tanks in his Kashyyykian trading post, and the local Wookiees were fond of such items, which Dann considered "stupid stuff." Dann once tried to sell a miniaturized fish tank to an off-duty Imperial guard, who bluntly declared that he hated fishes.[3]



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