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Aquella was a Mid Rim world located in the Senex sector. By 3643 BBY, an aristocrat residing on Aquella offered valuable items as dowry to anyone who would marry his cousin. Aquella was colonized by Human settlers at one point; however, the colony was lost by the time the Senex-Juvex region came under the rule of the aristocratic Ancient Houses. The Aquellans, the descendants of the original colonists, were a culture notable for their rituals involving the dyeing and tattooing of young males' bodies.


Aquella was a murky[1] terrestrial world[2] located in the Aquella system of the Senex sector, a part of the Senex-Juvex region in the Western Reaches portion of the Mid Rim. A hyperlane linked it to the Rulaar system.[1]


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At some point around 3643 BBY,[3] an aristocrat on Aquella offered a dowry consisting of rare, valuable items to anyone who would marry his cousin. An individual affiliated with one of the sides in the ongoing struggle between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire sent one of their companions on a mission to steal the dowry at the wedding party. As soon as the valuables were presented at the wedding, the companion seized them, with the marriage proceeding anyway.[4]

Aquella was colonized by Human settlers at some point; however, over time the colony came to be considered lost. When the aristocratic Ancient Houses established themselves as the rulers of the Senex-Juvex region at some point following the Battle of Ruusan of 1000 BBY, Aquella fell under the control of the new lords of the Senex sector.[1] Wermyn, a native of Aquella, was among[2] the descendants of the original colony of Aquella.[1] He underwent a traditional rite of passage ceremony on his homeworld at a young age[2] at some point by 11 ABY.[5]


Wermyn, an Aquellan man native to Aquella

An elderly aristocrat resided on Aquella by 3643 BBY.[4] At some point, a Human colony was established on Aquella that eventually disappeared. The descendants of the colony, known as the Aquellans, were notable for their language, which was guttural and was believed to be related to an ancient language used by the inhabitants of the Core Worlds planet Corulag. Another unique element of the Aquellan culture was their[1] rite of passage ceremony,[2] which entailed the ritual dyeing and tattooing of a young male's body,[1] sometimes to the point that the Aquellan man in question bore a closer visual resemblance to a Near-Human than a baseline Human.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Aquella was first mentioned in The Jedi Academy Sourcebook, a 1996 sourcebook authored by Paul Sudlow for use with West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.[2] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed it in grid square L-17.[1]


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