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An Aquillian Ranger.

The Aquillian Rangers were a paramilitary force affiliated with the Rebel Alliance. They wore a uniform, a breath mask, and carried laser swords. Small hovering and flying chrome balls were part of their arsenal, which exploded with considerable force. The Rangers appear to have been able to telekinetically move and set off these devices. Though they carried laser swords and some had Force abilities, they were distinct from the Jedi. Deak Starkiller and Bail Antilles were Aquillian Rangers.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Aquillian Rangers first appeared in the second draft to the film that would become A New Hope, and were present with the Rebels on Yavin 4 in the third draft. They were the sole surviving reference to the planet Aquilae that appeared in the rough and first draft. In later drafts, they became ordinary members of the Rebel Alliance. It is interesting, however, to compare them to the Antarian Rangers from the Expanded Universe.

As part of his conceptual art for the second draft, Ralph McQuarrie illustrated Deak Starkiller's laser sword duel with Darth Vader on board the Rebel fighter.



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