The Arah asteroid belt, also known as the Belt of Arah, was an asteroid belt in the Dreighton Nebula of the Arah system, within the Dantus sector in the Outer Rim.


The infant Voolvif Monn had been orphaned on a desolate world near the Arah asteroid belt.[3]

After the Battle of Yavin, the Empire installed a mining facility of oridium ore from which material was used for the Phantom TIE project. The belt was spread with derillium mines. The facility however was destroyed by the Rebel Rascal Group, consisting of Ace Merrick, Rookie One and Ina Rece, who destroyed its cooling system, overheating the reactor. Once the mission was completed, three Phantom TIEs decloaked and ambushed Rascal group as they were about to make to hyperspace. Merrick and Rece were both killed, while Rookie One was able to escape into hyperspace.[2]



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