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Arakyd Industries,[3] also known simply as Arakyd,[8] was an arms[2] and droid manufacturer that notably produced dwarf probe droids,[3] ID9 seeker droids,[4] internal systems probe droids,[5] Viper probe droids, and Viper recon droids.[4] It also produced RA-7 protocol droids specially for the Galactic Empire[6] and created KX-series security droids to provide Imperial facilities with more efficient security,[1] as well as ST2 concussion missiles and tubes for starships.[2] Arakyd Industries manufactured droids on Vulpter,[9] a planet located in the galaxy's Deep Core[10] where it also had a data storehouse.[1]

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Arakyd Industries was first mentioned in the new Star Wars canon in a post made on the official Facebook page for the Star Wars Rebels animated series that provided information on the dwarf probe droid.[3] It was originally created for the 1987 Star Wars Legends reference book The Star Wars Sourcebook by Bill Slavicsek and Curtis Smith.[11]



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