"Eacea Otiam, you have been sentenced as an enemy of the Empire; I will be your executioner!"
―Aralina Silk[src]

Aralina Silk was one of the infamous Emperor's Hands, one of many Force-sensitive agents used by Emperor Palpatine to undertake whatever missions the Emperor wished them to do.


Silk wielding her Jinsu Razor saber

She was present in Restuss on the planet Rori at the time of the Battle of Restuss, where she was presumably killed by an unknown squad of spacers. It was not known what exactly her mission was, but she had no qualms with killing Imperials as well as Rebels in her efforts to accomplish it. Her lightsaber, a Jinsu Razor, was taken by a Force-sensitive member of that squad.

Behind the scenes[]

Not much is known about this Emperor's Hand. She was introduced with the Restuss live event for Star Wars Galaxies.



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