This article is about the Super Star Destroyer the Aramadia. You may be looking for the Aramadia-class thrustship or its lead ship, the Aramadia.

Aramadia was an Imperial Super Star Destroyer used by the Duskhan League.[1]


Like all Super Star Destroyers, the Aramadia was a wedge-shaped warship and at least several kilometers in length. The vessel was fitted with a secret slave circuit system that linked it to other Imperial ships captured by the Yevethans. When activated, the vessel's controls were overridden and the craft could be remotely controlled.[1]


After Nil Spaar used the lead ship of the Aramadia-class on his diplomatic journey to Coruscant,[3] one of the captured Black Fleet Super Star Destroyers was used during the Battle of N'zoth, going by this name as well.[1] This Aramadia served as one of Nil Spaar's flagships,[1] but had another commander during the battle, as Spaar was onboard the Pride of Yevetha at the time.[4]

The ship, along with the Pride of Yevetha and seven other Imperial vessels, was retaken by Imperial personnel led by Sil Sorannan when they rebelled against their Yevethan masters. After reaching the Deep Core, the vessel was seemingly abandoned by Sorannan and his forces.[1]

The vessel was later recovered, decommissioned and the Yevethans had it brought to N'zoth, where it was landed in a cordoned part of the Hariz Downside spaceport and preserved as a symbol of inspiration to future Yevethans.[1]

One of its cargo bays was turned into a trophy room and the ship was used as a museum, displaying such curiosities as a pair of Jedi lightsabers and the green gem, the Eye of Deth. It was claimed these valuables were taken during the Yevethan Purge.[1]



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