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Aratech, also known as Aratech Systems[4] was a manufacturer that started out before 4000 BBY, and manufactured, among other things, sniper rifles and G0-T0 infrastructure planning system droids, including the most infamous unit, known simply as G0-T0 or "Goto". The company was often at odds with the larger Czerka Corporation, who they saw as conservative and immoral. When several of their G0-T0s rebelled against the Galactic Republic in 3946 BBY, Aratech's deteriorating reputation amongst much of the galactic population nearly bankrupted itself. The company's second attempt at networked droids was the BRT supercomputer. Another failure, Aratech abandoned droid manufacturing and focused on repulsorlift technology.

As Aratech Repulsor Company, it pledged its support to the Republic during the Clone Wars. Their most noted product was the 74-Z speeder bike, which remained in service throughout the Clone Wars and the reign of Palpatine's Galactic Empire.

During the Rise of the Empire era, Aratech Corporation sent support staff to various Imperial outposts and garrisons.


Aratech was formed prior to 4000 BBY as a weapons and droid manufacturers and during the Galactic War, it announced a revolution in terms of speeder technology and design.[5] At the same time, the company offered a reward to any slicer who could hack the prototype of their security system.[4]

The company eventually became the Aratech Repulsor Company and manufactured the 74-Z speeder bike for the Galactic Republic.[1]

Staff members from the Aratech Corporation gave advanced briefings and training to Imperial biker scout personnel.[6]



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