Arb Skynxnex was Moruth Doole's enforcer on Kessel, a tall, lanky Human and a bit of a sadist. He used a specially modified weapon known as a double blaster.

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In 6 ABY, Skynxnex topped Borsk Fey'lya's list of criminals to free from Kessel and send to Coruscant as part of an operation to divert Imperial resources away from Rogue Squadron's covert reconnaissance mission on the planet. Moruth Doole refused to give up his enforcer, and Zekka Thyne was moved to the top of the list.[1]

Five years later, Skynxnex led Doole's forces in their capture of Han Solo, who had been sent by the New Republic as an informal ambassador to Kessel. During Han's escape, Skynxnex was killed by an energy spider.[2]

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