Arca's robe

Arca Jeth's robe is found by Antos Wyrik.

"It wasn't Ulic Qel-Droma's robe at all. It belonged to his Arkanian mentor, Arca Jeth!"
"But-but legend says when Master Arca died, he vanished before Ulic's eyes..."
"-leaving nothing but the robe? I don't buy that-but it
was Arca's robe! Ulic preserved it-a moemento, I guess."
―Rohlan Dyre and Zayne Carrick[src]

A set of robes once belonged to Arca Jeth, an Arkanian Jedi Master who trained Ulic Qel-Droma, and who died during the Great Sith War. After Jeth's death, the robe was taken by Qel-Droma, who always carried it with him. Wearing these robes bestowed an increase in wisdom upon the wearer, as well as an enhanced ability to refresh themselves within the Force.

Jeth's robe was stolen from Qel-Droma by the Mandalorian scientist Antos Wyrick, who used genetic material found on the robe to raise Offshoot children, enhanced with Jeth's genome and Force-sensitivity. While researching Demagol's background, the Mandalorian warrior Rohlan Dyre learned of the robe's history and its role in Wyrick's project, and later told the story to renegade Jedi Zayne Carrick.[1]

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