Arcade Omicron was a cantina on the planet Bescane, situated in the city of Lumchugger's Hub. The entrance was a steeped archway topped with a flashing holosign, and the establishment was often packed with the tired workers of Galentro Heavy Works, who worked long hours in the planet's factories. The layout included a long hallway that was lined with several side rooms. A scaffolding stage was situated against one wall, set-up for local bands to provide music for the patrons. One such band that played in the Arcade Omicron was the Screaming Jawas. In the center of the main hallway was a holozoetroscope, one of the the only devices that existed outside of Coruscant. The side rooms were situated with scenic replicators which could transform the small rooms into a variety of different planetary locations.[1]

During Operation Death-Hunter, a Rebel infiltration team formed by Colonel Dursa Conegan met up with two of its Rebel contacts, Cooper Dray and Lady Amber Comark in this cantina. The group was lead there by Lady Comark's astromech droid, R2-B4.[1]


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