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The Recovery EtU

An archaeologist recovers a holocron

"Detective work such as this isn't much different from archaeology, after all. It's all about observation and deduction, and Auselio Gann taught me well."
―Talos Drellik[src]

Archaeology was the study of ancient cultures through the analysis of old cultures and their artifacts. It was a broad science that drew upon anthropology and geology, and included xenoarchaeology and bioarchaeology.

Jedi archaeologists were a type of Jedi historian that worked in the field. Jocasta Nu was a xenoarchaeologist before being employed as a librarian in the Jedi Archives. Other Jedi archaeologists include Corask Slen'da, Tyneir Renz, and Nu's apprentice, Jerec. Some Sith similarly specialized in archaeology, like Veren Gal. Amateur archaeologists operating for personal gain were typically called treasure hunters. Suz Tanwa[1] and Aach Een[2] were notable treasure hunters. Also, both the Obroan Institute for Archaeology and the University of Agamar had archaeology programs.

An archaeological museum was located on the planet Kinzor.[3]

Doctor Indiana Jones, on his homeworld, was an experienced archaeologist.


Bioarchaeology was a less prominent branch of archaeology than xenoarchaeology, and dealt with the specific study of excavated bone remains.

Josala Krenn was one notable bioarchaeologist.[4]

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Archaeology is also one of the gathering skills a player can have in the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic.



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