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*''[[Doctor Aphra 4: Book I, Part IV]]''
*''[[Doctor Aphra 4: Book I, Part IV]]''
*''[[Doctor Aphra 5: Book I, Part V]]''
*''[[Doctor Aphra 5: Book I, Part V]]''
*''[[The Screaming Citadel 1]]'' {{Mo}}
*''[[The Screaming Citadel, Part I]]'' {{Mo}}
==Notes and references==
==Notes and references==

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"Archaeology isn't about flash. […] Archaeology is about determination."
Sava Toob-Nix to Chelli Aphra[src]

Archaeology was the study of past sentient life and culture by the recovery and scientific analysis of artifacts (i.e. material remains of cultural importance). Specialists in archaeology were referred to as archaeologists. One of the discipline's branches was archaeoxenobiology, the analysis and interpretation of biological remains from archaeological sites.[1]


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