Archie Goodwin (September 8, 1937March 1, 1998) was a comic-book writer and editor for nearly forty years. Goodwin was one of the first to contribute to the Expanded Universe and created many characters for its rich history. Among the more notable characters and concepts Goodwin created were Beilert Valance, the House of Tagge and The Wheel.

Goodwin begin in the comics industry in the early 1960s writing stories for Harvey Comics and Warren Publishing. He then started writing scripts on the Secret Agent X-9 syndicated strip drawn by Al Williamson, as well as projects at Marvel Comics and DC Comics. In 1975 he became the editor-in-chief at Marvel, a position he held at the time that they acquired the comic-book rights to Star Wars.


Goodwin had a long stint on Marvel's Star Wars series, taking over from original writer Roy Thomas, and wrote over 30 issues, spanning three years. In addition to writing Star Wars, he was the title's editor and wrote the The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi comic adaptations.

After the passing of Russ Manning, and based on his work on the Marvel Comics series, Goodwin and longtime friend Al Williamson took over Manning's Star Wars syndicated newspaper strip. It was on this strip that Goodwin and Williamson began story arcs bridging the gap between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.

Goodwin died on March 1, 1998 due to cancer.[1]

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