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This article is about the profession. You may be looking for the ancient saviors of Livno III.
Orson Krennic RO

Orson Krennic was an Imperial architect

An architect was an individual who designed buildings or structures. The construction of the Death Star battle station required the permanent on-site presence of habitat architects, in addition to scientists and weapons specialists.[1] Tiaan Jerjerrod, a scion of wealthy family from Tinnel IV,[2] worked as an architect before he became an Imperial Moff.[3] Orson Callan Krennic was largely responsible for the remodeling and expansion of Republic Center for Military Operations.[4] There also existed models of droids that fulfilled that function.[5] The architects of Jedi temples designed the buildings to reflect their personalities, and Kanan Jarrus speculated that the architect of the Lothal Jedi Temple had a fondness for mystery.[6]



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