The Ardana Shadex were immense stone giants crafted by an ancient mysterious species of the Inner Rim planet Simocadia. Being technologically advanced, the species crafted stone giants and used their superior bulk to wage wars across the planet's surface. At some point, the species suddenly and mysteriously vanished, and the Ardana Shadex went underground and remained there ever since. The Mosciive species later rose to prominence on Simocadia, and their scholars grew obsessed with finding the ancient colossi.

During the Clone Wars one Ardana Shadex was found and excavated by the Prince Yojan, who planned to activate it and use it to destroy the agrocite mines which made Simocadia a point of interest for both the Republic and the Separatists. Using the glass key, the Prince activated the giant. However, the Jedi Master Mace Windu attempted to stop him and damaged the key, which made the giant uncontrollable. The two decided to work together to disable the enormous machine: the Jedi went to retrieve the key, while the Prince went inside the Ardana Shadex through its mouth and hit the dead switch. The resulting explosions destroyed the giant, killing the prince who was still inside it.

After the Battle of Simocadia, the Republic took possession of the Ardana Shadex to study the ancient technology. This angered the Mosciive, who resented the Republic for the battle's devastation and accused them of stealing a piece of Simocadia's history.


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