The Ardanium Rush occurred when thousands of miners and entrepreneurs flocked to the planet Questal in search of the mineral ardanium around 3 BBY. Around 3 BBY, an agri-droid on the planet Questal turned over a rock that was embedded with ardanium. Upon learning of this, Emperor Palpatine of the Galactic Empire realized that he could double the size of his fleet with the reserves on Questal, and entrepreneurs and miners began to arrive by the thousands in search of their fortunes. Prospectors in the capital of Gralleenya ravaged the countryside around the settlement, leaving behind the Waste—a lifeless territory scarred by empty pits and mines. The Rush also drew criminal elements that established footholds on the planet, and Emperor Palpatine was forced to send Moff Bandor in order to restore order. Bandor halted the chaos with the support of the Imperial Military, though conflicts continued to break out as Questal's ardanium deposits were depleted over the next three years. When Bandor was defeated by agents of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the Empire chose to abandon Questal, as very little ardanium remained.



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