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"Don't let the fancy corporate brandin' fool you: Moogan Tea was around long before the Ardees Beverage Company trademarked the recipe and tried to claim the 'galaxy's favorite' drink as its own."
―Strono Tuggs, The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook[src]

Ardees Beverage was a branded version of Moogan Tea produced by the Commerce Guild after it took control of the planet Mooga. The Ardees Beverage Company was created to produce the newly-trademarked beverage from its now-proprietary recipe.


Ardees Beverage was a green-colored tea sold in bottles[4] or as a fizzy canned variety. It was a corporate-branded version of Moogan Tea with characteristics that diverged over time from the original.[6]


After the Commerce Guild took control of the planet Mooga where the tea originated, they deemed Moogan tea a trademarked beverage with a proprietary recipe despite its widespread popularity across the Outer Rim. Ardees Beverage was produced at the Ardees Beverage Company manufacturing plant, which was created by the Commerce Guild for that purpose. The guild utilized corporate surveillance droids and issued cease and desist transmissions to establishments that attempted to sell their own Moogan tea.[6] Ardees Beverage declared itself "the galaxy's favorite" on its containers.[2]

During the Clone Wars, the Moogan smuggler Tee Va obtained Ardees Beverage concentrate from a source within the company and mixed the drink with the potentially poisonous diluting agent slabin to increase profits.[2] Va then sold the contraband tea to schools on the planet Mandalore, where the improper mixing of the concentrate and diluting agent caused an outbreak of illness among Mandalorian schoolchildren. Duchess Satine Kryze, her personal bodyguards, and Senator Padmé Amidala investigated the situation and found that the children had all recently been to the same school in Sundari, and they had consumed the same new beverage. The school superintendent had received the bottles of tea from Siddiq, an importer for a shipping company and middleman in a black market conspiracy involving the superintendent, a corrupt customs official, and the Moogan smugglers. Following Siddiq's tip, the group led by Kryze and Amidala located the toxic beverages stored at a warehouse, witnessed a shipment in progress, and had a shoot-out with the smuggles. Kryze ordered the warehouse burned along with the toxic beverages.[4]

Mandalorian Police Captain Patrok Ru-Saxon initially did not believe that such corruption could occur within his jurisdiction. After he was presented with the evidence in the warehouse, he joined the investigation and arrested the smugglers.[4] After uncovering further evidence that the product had passed through Coruscant and a shipment was on the way to the underlevels, Ru-Saxon notified Lieutenant Tan Divo of the Coruscant Security Force. Divo intercepted the shipment, and sent Ru-Saxon a bottle of artisanal Tarine tea in thanks; Ru-Saxon in turn sent Divo a bottle of kri'gee.[2]

During the Imperial Era, human Lothal resident Gandr Spanjaf sometimes enjoyed a can of fizzy tea, which he kept in a cooler.[3] In 34 ABY,[7] the Artiodac chef Strono Tuggs defied the trademark and risked legal consequences by including his recipe for the original, authentic Moogan Tea in his cookbook The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook.[6]


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